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xawesomelyxbadx's Journal

Awesomely Bad Fashion
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Awesomely Bad Fashion
This community is for those interested in weird, tacky clothes that some people find hideous. I created this community after going to several communities that are devoted to making fun of this kind of fashion. Please read the rules BEFORE you begin posting. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, eyeliner_zine in my "I Support..." entry in my personal journal.


1. This isn't a snark community. If you find something totally hideous, feel free to post to groups such as ungoth, scenefail, or badmakeup. In other words, don't come here to make fun of anyone that is posted or the poster.

2. Please make all posts friend's only.

3. Do all promoting here.

4. Please put all pictures behind an LJ-cut. You may have one picture as a teaser as long as it isn't too big.

5. If you find a picture of you or someone you know and would like it removed, please say so nicely in the comments.

6. Please tag your posts. It's not a major thing for me, but it does make finding posts a lot easier ;)

If you would like to be an affiliate, please ask. I'm a member of several communities (snark and non-snark alike), so if you ask, I will most likely accept. :)

Examples of what we love here: Miss Pudding|Messy Stench|Add?